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29 Wright Street
Gatineau, Quebec
J8X 2E9

T: 613.314.5478
E: info@thetutorlink.com


Our commitment is to link high quality tutors with learners; facilitating and promoting confidence, competence, and independence in the subject(s) studied.

We are dedicated to:

  • ✓ Offering a safe and trusting work environment;

  • ✓ Improved academic achievement; striving to ensure that the unique needs of each student are met;

  • ✓ Working actively with the student and the parents/guardians to promote learning; and,

  • ✓ Working with the student to meet/exceed competency standards in the course(s).

The TutorLink is for you if:

  • ✓ You need individualized support in grasping concepts;

  • ✓ You need someone to support you in homework/assignment completion;

  • ✓ You need someone to help you get ahead in a course;

  • ✓ You have been absent and have fallen behind in your studies and need added support to get caught up;

  • ✓ You need help organizing your notes/work in one or multiple subjects;

  • ✓ You need help learning how to study/prepare for tests; and/or,

  • ✓ You need the structure of regular meetings to ensure you are keeping your course work up to date.